The South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation advertises for the position of Executive Secretary

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The South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO) is recruiting for the role of Executive Secretary.

An extract from the advertisement is as follows:

"SPRFMO is an international organisation responsible for the conservation and management of non‐highly migratory fishery resources in the Convention Area. The Secretariat of the Commission for the SPRFMO is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. The Executive Secretary is responsible for the management and supervision of the Secretariat and the provision of advice to the Commission.

The Executive Secretary is required to carry out, inter alia, the duties provided in Article 14 of the Convention, the Commission’s foundation instruments1, and any other such duties as may be directed by the Commission. In making an appointment to the position of the Executive Secretary, the SPRFMO Commission will be guided by the following selection criteria:

1. Demonstrated management knowledge and skills through relevant experience in national, regional or international organisations;
2. Knowledge or experience of fisheries management;
3. Knowledge or experience of the functions and operations of intergovernmental organisations at the regional or international level;
4. Knowledge or experience of such areas as: preparation of reports, financial budgets and management of expenditures; provision of secretariat support for international meetings; oversight and management of information technology; human resource management.
5. Demonstrated ability to communicate and work constructively and effectively in a multicultural environment with delegates from a wide range of countries, including managers, scientists and technical experts;
6. Fluent in English (the knowledge of other languages of SPRFMO Members would be an asset);
7. University degree or the equivalent, with a preference given to an advanced degree (Master or PhD) or equivalent.

The appointment of the Executive Secretary is for a term of four years. At the discretion of the Contracting Parties of SPRFMO, the Executive Secretary may be re-appointed for a further four years."

The deadline for applications is 1 September 2024 at 17:00 New Zealand Standard Time. Further information on the position can be found at the SPRFMO website, here.

3 May 2024

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