WAD 2023 Logos

Word Albatross Day is celebrated each year on 19 June.  Initiated by the Albatross and Petrel Agreement, 2023 will be the fourth year the day has been marked.  Planning necessarily starts early, with the first step being the production of a logo.

As in previous years, the ‘WAD2023’ logo has been produced in the three ACAP languages of English, French and Spanish, as well as in Portuguese.  This last language is spoken in Angola, Brazil and Portugal, all significant range states for ACAP-listed species; Brazil also being a Party to the Agreement. In addition, and for the first time, five more versions of the logo, in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean, have been produced to mark the importance of Asian high-seas fishing fleets in working towards the conservation of albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters.

From the new year, ACAP will be releasing posters and species infographics in the three official languages to mark WAD2023 and its chosen theme of “Plastic Pollution”.  We might even have another competition, noting the success of those held in the inaugural year.

Thanks to Geoffry Tyler for once more updating the logo every year since he first designed it in 2020.

03 November 2022, updated 21 November 2022 & 02 February 2023


English Logo

WALD Logo 2023 English
French Logo

WALD Logo 2023 French

Spanish Logo
WALD Logo 2023 PortuguesePortuguese Logo

WALD Logo 2023 Spanish

Indonesian Logo

WALD Logo 2023 Indonesian

Japanese Logo

WALD Logo 2023 Japanese

Korean Logo

WALD Logo 2023 Korean corrected

Simplified Chinese Logo

 WALD Logo 2023 Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese Logo

WALD Logo 2023 Traditional Chinese

The Agreement on the
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