Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Folder AC11 Information Papers

pdf AC11 Inf 01: Agreement Budget 2019 - 2021

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AC11_Inf_01 Agreement Budget 2019-2021.pdf

Agenda Item 8 & 12.  Secretariat.

pdf AC11 Inf 02: Projects and Secondments supported by the AC

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AC11_Inf_02 Projects & Secondments 2018.pdf

Agenda Item 12.4.  Secretariat.

pdf AC11 Inf 03: Project 2018-02 Prevalence and magnitude of plastic exposure

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AC11_Inf_03 Grant 2018-02 progress report.pdf

Agenda Item 12.4.  Secretariat

pdf AC11 Inf 04: Considering nominations to Annex 1 – list of candidate species

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AC11_Inf_04 List of candidate species.pdf

Agenda Item 10 & 14.  Secretariat.

pdf AC11 Inf 05: A proposal for a World Albatross Day

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AC11_Inf_05 World Albatross Day proposal.pdf

Agenda Item 18.  Secretariat.