Folder AC7 Meeting Documents

pdf AC7 Doc 01 Rev 1: Draft Agenda

Download (pdf, 141 KB)


Agenda Item 2.  Author: AC Chair, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 02 Rev1: Annotated Agenda

Download (pdf, 164 KB)


Agenda Item 2. Author: AC Chair, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 03 Rev 1: Meeting Schedule

Download (pdf, 116 KB)


Agenda Item 2.  Author: Chair Advisory Committee, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 04 Rev 1: List of Meeting Participants

Download (pdf, 168 KB)


Agenda Item 2. Author: Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 05 Rev 3: List of Papers

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Agenda Item 2.  Author: AC Chair, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 06: Secretariat's Report

Download (pdf, 243 KB)


Agenda Item 5.1.  Author: Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 07: Report of the Depositary Government

Download (pdf, 177 KB)


Agenda Item 4.  Author: Australia.

pdf AC7 Doc 08 Rev 2: Interim Financial Report for 2013

Download (pdf, 548 KB)


Agenda Item 6.1. Author: Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 09: AC engagement in work on Resolution 4.8

Download (pdf, 82 KB)


Agenda Item 3.  Author: AC Chair, Australia.

pdf AC7 Doc 10 Rev 1: Secondment Programme Guidelines

Download (pdf, 160 KB)


Agenda Item 12.3.  Author: Grants Sub-committee, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 11: Report to the AC on MoP4

Download (pdf, 95 KB)


Agenda Item 8.  Author: AC Chair, AC Vice-chair, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 12 Rev 2: PCSWG Report

Download (pdf, 1.59 MB)


Agenda Item 9.1.  Author: PCSWG.

pdf AC7 Doc 13 Rev 1: Taxonomy Working Group Report

Download (pdf, 88 KB)


Agenda Item 10.1.  Author: TWG

pdf AC7 Doc 14 Rev 2: SBWG Report

Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)


Agenda Item 11.  Author: SBWG

pdf AC7 Doc 15: AC Work Programme 2013-2015

Download (pdf, 227 KB)


Agenda Item 12.1.  Author: AC Chair, AC Vice-chair.

pdf AC7 Doc 16: Allocation of Funds to the AC Work programme

Download (pdf, 300 KB)


Agenda Item 12.2.  Author: Grants Sub-Committee, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 17: Secretariat Work Programme 2013 - 2015

Download (pdf, 329 KB)


Agenda Item 5.2.  Author: Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 18: Policy on Sponsorship of Delegates

Download (pdf, 149 KB)


Agenda Item 5.3.  Author: Secretariat

pdf AC7 Doc 19 Rev 1: Agreement’s Strategy to Engage New Parties

Download (pdf, 203 KB)


Agenda Item 4.  Author: AC Chair, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 20 Rev 1: Process for evaluating and listing species on Annex 1

Download (pdf, 534 KB)


Agenda Item 14.  Author: Secretariat, AC Chair, Working Group Convenors.

pdf AC7 Doc 21: Publication of meeting documents

Download (pdf, 81 KB)


Agenda Item 20.1.  Author: Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Doc 22: Report of Intersessional Committee established by Resolution 4.8

Download (pdf, 156 KB)


Agenda Item 3.  Author: Intersessional Committee established by Resolution 4.8.

pdf AC7 Doc 23: Performance Indicators

Download (pdf, 153 KB)


Agenda Item 13.  Author: Argentina.

pdf AC7 Doc 24 Rev 1: Listing of New Species – Pink-footed Shearwater, Puffinus creatopus

Download (pdf, 1.02 MB)


Agenda Item 14.  Author: Chile.

pdf AC7 Doc 25: Addition of a New Species to Annex I of ACAP: the Galápagos Petrel Pterodroma phaeopygia

Download (pdf, 254 KB)


Agenda item 14.  Author: Ecuador.

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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