Folder AC7 Information Papers

pdf AC7 Inf 01: Summary of Projects Supported in 2012 and Progress Reports – AC Grants Programme

Download (pdf, 282 KB)


Agenda Item 12.2. Author: Grants Sub-committee, Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Inf 02: Parties' AC Reports

Download (pdf, 138 KB)


Agenda Item 5.4. Author: Secretariat. (with Spanish and French summary)

pdf AC7 Inf 04: Update on the population status and distribution of Mediterranean shearwaters

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Agenda Item 14. Author: Carles Carboneras (Medmaravis), Mia Derhé & Iván Ramírez (BirdLife International).  (with Spanish and French summary)

pdf AC7 Inf 05: The Bycatch Mitigation Information System

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Agenda Item 11.1. Author: Larissa Fitzsimmons (Secretariat of the Pacific Community, New Caledonia). (with Spanish and French summary)

pdf AC7 Inf 06: CMS Report to AC7

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Agenda Item 7.1.  Author: UNEP/CMS Secretariat.

pdf AC7 Inf 07: ACAP Observer Report to the Thirty-First Meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR)

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Agenda Item 7.1. Author: New Zealand. (with Spanish and French summary)

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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