Folder SBWG7 Working Documents

pdf GdTCS7 Doc 01: Agenda preliminar

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GdTCS7_Doc_01 Agenda preliminar_s.pdf

Punto de la agenda n.° 3. Coordinadores del GdTCS.

pdf GTCA7 Doc 01: Ordre du jour provisoire

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GTCA7_Doc_01 Ordre du jour provisoire_f.pdf

Point 3 de l’ordre du jour.  Présidents du GTCA.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 01: Draft Agenda

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SBWG7_Doc_01 Draft Agenda_e.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  SBWG Convenors.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 02 Rev 6: Draft Annotated Agenda

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SBWG7_Doc_02 Rev 6 Draft Annotated Agenda.pdf

Agenda Item 3. SBWG Convenor and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 03: Meeting schedule

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SBWG7_Doc_03 Meeting schedule.pdf

Agenda Item 1. SBWG Convenor and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 04 Rev 6: List of Meeting Documents

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SBWG7_Doc_04 Rev 6 List of documents.pdf

Agenda Item 3. SBWG Convenors.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 05: The further development of ACAP seabird bycatch indicators, data needs, methodological approaches and reporting requirements

Download (pdf, 556 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_05 Bycatch estimation and reporting WOLFAARDT et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 12.1.  Anton Wolfaardt, Igor Debski, Wiesława Misiak, Nathan Walker.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 06: Examination of the benefits and limitations of e-monitoring in relation to seabird bycatch and mitigation

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SBWG7_Doc_06 E-monitoring benefits & limitations PAPWORTH et al_E.pdf

Agenda Item 14. Warren Papworth, Ken Morgan, Mi Ae Kim, Tatiana Neves, Nathan Walker & Jorge Azócar.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 07: Categorising branch line weighting for pelagic longline fishing according to sink rates

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SBWG7_Doc_07 Branch line weighting for pelagic LL - sink rates BARRINGTON et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1. Jonathon HS Barrington, Graham Robertson and Steven G Candy.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 08:The relative safety of the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) recommended minimum specifications for the weighting of branchlines during simulated fly-backs. SUMMARY ONLY

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SBWG7_Doc_08 Safety of ACAP specifications for branchline weighting MCCORMAC et al_ABSTRACT_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1. Emma McCormack and Nick Rawlinson.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 09: 'Smart Tuna Hook' as best practice seabird bycatch mitigation in pelagic longline fisheries

Download (pdf, 106 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_09 Smart Tuna Hook as best practice BARRINGTON_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1. Jonathon HS Barrington

pdf SBWG7 Doc 10: ‘Hook Pod' as best practice seabird bycatch mitigation in pelagic longline fisheries

Download (pdf, 170 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_10 Hook Pod as best practice BARRINGTON_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1. Jonathon HS Barrington

pdf SBWG7 Doc 11: Risks posed to ACAP species from net fishing methods other than gillnet and trawl

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SBWG7_Doc_11 Other net fisheries bycatch risk DEBSKI et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 9. Igor Debski, Cristián G. Suazo, Oli Yates, Juan Pablo Seco Pon, G. Barry Baker.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 12: ‘Toolbox’ template for mitigation advice in artisanal and small-scale fisheries

Download (pdf, 334 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_12 Mitigation toolbox artisanal & small-scale fisheries MANGEL et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 10.1. Jeffrey C. Mangel, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Jorge Azocar & Igor Debski.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 13: Has the IPOA-Seabirds been effective in the conservation of threatened seabirds? A review of National Plans of Action. SUMMARY ONLY

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SBWG7_Doc_13 NPOA-S review BAKER et al_ABSTRACT_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 16. Barry Baker, Ben Sullivan, Pippa Copley, Esteban Frere & Marcus Haward.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 14: Comparative trails of Lumo Leads and traditional line weighting in the Brazilian pelagic longline fishery. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 132 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_14 Lumo leads Brazilian pelagic LL fishery NEVES et al_ABSTRACT_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1. Rodrigo Claudino dos Santos, Augusto Silva-Costa, Rodrigo Sant’Ana, Dimas Gianuca, Oliver Yates, Caio Marques, Tatiana Neves.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 15 Rev 1: Review of RFMO Engagement Strategy

Download (pdf, 299 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_15 Rev 1 Review_of_RFMO_Engagement_Strategy WOLFAARDT et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.1. Anton Wolfaardt, Warren Papworth, Marco Favero.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 16: Recommended revisions to the presentation of information in the ACAP review and best practice documents relating to bycatch mitigation

Download (pdf, 518 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_16 Revised format of ACAP mitigation advice WOLFAARDT et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 4. Anton Wolfaardt, Marco Favero, Jonathon Barrington, Wiesława Misiak, Warren Papworth, Ken Morgan.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 17 Rev 1: Exporting the problem: issues with fishing closures in seabird conservation. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 185 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_17 Rev 1 Issues with fishing closures COPELLO et al_ABSTRACT_ E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 15. Copello, S; Blanco, G; Seco Pon, JP, & Quintana, F.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 18: Incidence of live bird haul capture in pelagic longline fisheries

Download (pdf, 491 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_18 Live bird haul capture pelagic LL BROTHERS_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1. Nigel Brothers

pdf SBWG7 Doc 19 Rev 1: Captura incidental de aves marinas en la pesquería de arrastre demersal en la zona sur austral de Chile

Download (pdf, 604 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_19 Rev 1 Pesquería de arrastre demersal sur austral Chile ADASME_s.pdf

Agenda Item 15. Luis Adasme, Rodrigo Vega.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 20 Rev 1: Collaboration on technical innovation towards the reduction of seabird bycatch in purse seine fisheries. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 159 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_20 Rev 1 Purse Seine-Chile SUAZO et al_ABSTRACT_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 9. Cristián G. Suazo, Luis A. Cabezas & Oliver Yates.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 21: Developing a guide on removing entangled seabird from nets

Download (pdf, 123 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_21 Guide for removing seabirds from nets BARRINGTON_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 19. Jonathon H S Barrington

pdf SBWG7 Doc 22: Demographic responses of an albatross community to fisheries effort. SUMMARY ONLY

Download (pdf, 146 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_22 Demographic response to fisheries effort_ABSTRACT_BARRINGTON_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 15.  Jonathon HS Barrington

pdf SBWG7 Doc 23: Update on ACAP’s intersessional group on RFMO seabird measure monitoring

Download (pdf, 266 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_23 Update on RFMO seabird measure monitoring_SMALL et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.  Cleo Small, Anton Wolfaardt, Geoff Tuck, Igor Debski, Warren Papworth, Mi Ae Kim, Richard Phillips.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 24: Protocols for sample collection from bycaught birds for health (and other) studies

Download (pdf, 419 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_24 Sample Collection bycaught birds UHART et al_E_s_f1.pdf

Agenda Item 19.  Marcela Uhart, Luciana Gallo, Esteban Frere, Flavio Quintana.

pdf SBWG7 Doc 25: Updated scores for at-sea threats and migratory nature of Albatross and Petrel species

Download (pdf, 377 KB)

SBWG7_Doc_25 Scores for potential ACAP species_TASKER et al_E1.pdf

Agenda Item 20.  Mark Tasker, Ken Morgan, Igor Debski.

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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