Folder PaCSWG4 Meeting Documents

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 01 Rev 1: Draft Meeting Agenda

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PaCSWG4_Doc_01 Rev 1 Draft Agenda.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  PaCSWG Convenors and Vice-convenors.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 02 Rev 1: List of documents

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PaCSWG4_Doc_02 Rev 1 List of documents.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  PaCSWG Convenors and Vice-convenors.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 03: ACAP priority population assessment: Antipodean albatross at Antipodes Island

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PaCSWG4_Doc_03 Antipodean albatross WALKER & ELLIOT_E_s_f_1.pdf

Agenda Item 8.  Kath Walker and Graeme Elliott.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 04: Developing methods for diet determination and monitoring within ACAP

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PaCSWG4_Doc_04 Methods of diet determination BARRINGTON et al E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.4.  Jonathon HS Barrington et al.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 05: Identificando las amenazas al Albatros de Galápagos en La Plata, Ecuador

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PaCSWG4_Doc_05 Amenazas en La Plata_MIRANDA et al_S_e_f.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1.  Cristina Miranda et al.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 06: State of Knowledge of Wildlife Responses to Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

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PaCSWG4_Doc_06 Wildlife response to RPAS_SCAR_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.2.  Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 07: Population status and trends for Thalassarche cauta (Shy Albatross). SUMMARY ONLY

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PaCSWG4_Doc_07 Shy Albatross Status & trends ALDERMAN & BARRINGTON_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 5.1.  Rachael L Alderman, Jonathon HS Barrington.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 08: IUNC Red List status of ACAP-listed species

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PaCSWG4_Doc_08 Red list status of ACAP species_GARNETT & BAKER.pdf

Agenda Item 5.  Stephen Garnett & G. Barry Baker.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 09: Guidelines to assess potential impacts of plastic and microplastic in ACAP species

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PaCSWG4_Doc_09 Microplastics guidelines_UHART et al_E_s.pdf

Agenda Item 10.3.  Marcela Uhart et al.

pdf PaCSWG4 Doc 10: Identifying areas, seasons and fleets of potential highest bycatch risk to albatrosses and petrels. SUMMARY ONLY

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PaCSWG4_Doc_10 Potential highest bycatch risk CLAY et al ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Items 6.2, 8.1.  Thomas A. Clay et al.

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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