Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Folder Joint SBWG11/PaCSWG7 Meeting

A joint SBWG11/PaCSWG7 meeting will be held during the first three sessions of Thursday 18 May 2023, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, to discuss cross-cutting issues.

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document Joint SBWG11/PaCSWG7 Doc or Inf template

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Working Group documents may be submitted as either Working Documents (with recommendations/actions for the Working Group), or as Information Papers (no recommendations/actions). Convenors may also, at their discretion, assign submitted papers as either Information Papers or Working Documents. If provided, summaries of Working Documents will be translated into all languages of the Agreement (if submitted by the deadline specified). Password protected documents may be requested from the ACAP Secretariat or ACAP Representatives to RFMO and other meetings for restricted viewing and discussions in those fora.

Meeting Documents are due by 23 March 2023. Information papers are due by 15 April 2023.