Each individual counts: rescuing threatened albatrosses from hooks and storms

Back in February this year a hooked albatross was seen and caught from a tour vessel of Tasman Island Cruises off the coast of Tasmania, Australia.  It was released at sea the next day after the hook was successfully removed from its bill ashore (click here for the original news story on the event).

More information on this bird, identified as a Gibson's Albatross Diomedea antipodensis gibsoni, has now been published along with several photographs in the July 2010 issue (No. 45) of The Albatross, newsletter of the Southern Ocean Seabird Study Association (SOSSA).

For another albatross rescue story, this time from New Zealand of a Northern Royal Albatross D. sanfordi, blown into a suburban garden during a storm, click hereFor news of a Shy Albatross Thalassarche cauta being unhooked click here.

Back issues of The Albatross from No. 1 of July 1993 may be found at http://www.sossa-international.org/Pages/Front%20Pages/Newsletters.htm.

See also: http://www.acap.aq/2007-news-archive/rehabilitation-of-wandering-albatross and http://www.acap.aq/latest-news/from-the-south-atlantic-to-canadas-interior-an-atlantic-yellow-nosed-albatross-turns-up-on-lake-ontario.


Whylie, B. 2010.  One albatross off the hook.  The Albatross 45: 7-8.

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 30 August 2010

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