Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

PaCSWG2 Meeting Documents

pdf PaCSWG2 Doc 01 Rev 1: Draft Agenda

Descargar (pdf, 70 KB)


Agenda Item 3.  Author: PaCSWG Convenors.  Rev 1 published 18 August 2014.

pdf PaCSWG2 Doc 02 Rev 1: List of Meeting Documents

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Agenda Item 3.  Author: PaCSWG Convenors. Rev 1 published 18 August 2014.

pdf PaCSWG2 Doc 03 Rev 1: Seabird Tracking Data – Gap Analysis

Descargar (pdf, 1.22 MB)


Agenda Item 7.2.  Author:  Maria Dias, Ben Lascelles, Cleo Small and Richard Phillips.  Rev 1 published 6 September 2014.

pdf PaCSWG2 Doc 04: Progress on updated review of pathogens described in ACAP species

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Agenda Item 9.1.  Author: M. Uhart, L. Gallo and F. Quintana (Argentina)

pdf PaCSWG2 Doc 05 Rev 1: Guidelines for translocations of albatrosses and petrels

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Agenda Item 9.5.  Author: Judy Jacobs, Tomohiro Deguchi, Lyndon Perriman, Elizabeth Flint, and Helen Gummer.  Rev 1 published 8 SeptemberThe latest version of these guidelines is available here.