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SBWG11 Doc 01 Rev 1: Meeting Agenda Download (pdf, 105 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 03: Provisional Meeting Schedule Download (pdf, 102 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 04 Rev 1: List of Meeting Documents Download (pdf, 194 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 05: Bycatch Data Workshop Report Download (pdf, 187 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 06: Update to Trawl Review & BPA Download (pdf, 456 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 07: Update to Pelagic Longline Review & BPA Download (pdf, 481 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 08: Mitigation Factsheets update Download (pdf, 166 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 09: ACAP RFMO strategy 2023-2025 Download (pdf, 205 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 10: Night-time and deep setting in an albacore tuna longline fishery Download (pdf, 1.09 MB)
SBWG11 Doc 11: Laser technology for seabird bycatch prevention SUMMARY Download (pdf, 202 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 12: DNA markers to resolve uncertainties of seabird bycatch Download (pdf, 277 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 13: Best practices in assessing and managing seabird bycatch SUMMARY Download (pdf, 118 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 14: Seabird rescue in purse seine fisheries SUMMARY Download (pdf, 111 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 15: Procella Hook update and heavy hook inclusion in ACAP BPA Download (pdf, 179 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 16: Seabird bycatch data reported by RFMO CPCs SUMMARY Download (pdf, 151 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 17 Rev 1: Net Capture Programme Download (pdf, 3.53 MB)
SBWG11 Doc 18: Doble NISURI “Lanzador rápido de cebos” Download (pdf, 1.75 MB)
SBWG11 Doc 19: Sistema Suarez, “tubo de camuflaje” Download (pdf, 1.14 MB)
SBWG11 Doc 20: Bycatch rates for trawling fleets in Chile, 2015–2021 SUMMARY Download (pdf, 185 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 21: Haul mitigation for small longline vessels Download (pdf, 2.85 MB)
SBWG11 Doc 22: Seabird Safe Pelagic Longline Toolkit Download (pdf, 168 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 23: Factors affecting protected species captures in domestic surface longline fisheries Download (pdf, 20.80 MB)
SBWG11 Doc 24: Improving compliance with BSL measures in LL & TW Download (pdf, 338 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 25: Implementation of ACAPs BPA - Issues and Options SUMMARY Download (pdf, 157 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 26: Monitoreo electrónico - uso de líneas espantapájaros SUMMARY Download (pdf, 156 KB)
SBWG11 Doc 27: Self-reporting logbooks to collect seabird bycatch data Download (pdf, 282 KB)

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

About ACAP

ACAP Secretariat

119 Macquarie St
Hobart TAS 7000

Tel: +61 3 6165 6674