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SBWG11 Inf 01: Slow sink rate in floated-demersal longline Download (pdf, 1.26 MB)
SBWG11 Inf 02: Bycatch in the Argentine freezer trawl fleet SUMMARY Download (pdf, 102 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 03: Plan de Acción Regional Río de la Plata y su Frente Marítimo Download (pdf, 122 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 04: Tori-line design for Japanese small-scale tuna longline vessels SUMMARY Download (pdf, 53 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 05: CCSBT Multi-year Seabird Strategy Download (pdf, 228 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 06: Mitigation in pelagic longline fisheries: Best practice, evidence and operational considerations Download (pdf, 1.55 MB)
SBWG11 Inf 07: Reducing seabird interactions in a demersal trawl fishery SUMMARY Download (pdf, 58 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 08: ETP species in new MSC Fisheries Standard SUMMARY Download (pdf, 97 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 09: DNA markers to resolve uncertainties of seabird bycatch SUMMARY Download (pdf, 152 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 10: Net binding trials in bottom trawl Download (pdf, 1.68 MB)
SBWG11 Inf 11: BSL with weighted branch lines reduce seabird bycatch in SE Atlantic longline SUMMARY Download (pdf, 102 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 12: Demersal longline underwater setting devices Download (pdf, 2.21 MB)
SBWG11 Inf 13: Sink rates of line weighting configurations in NZ snapper fishery Download (pdf, 3.01 MB)
SBWG11 Inf 14: Wider rollout of on-board cameras in NZ Download (pdf, 103 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 15: PAN-AM Chile Download (pdf, 247 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 16: Pesca de cerco industrial en la zona del norte de Chile Download (pdf, 194 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 17: One vs two BSL in a demersal trawl fishery SUMMARY Download (pdf, 106 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 18: Extension arms in small trawl vessels Download (pdf, 1.51 MB)
SBWG11 Inf 19: Cumplimiento del uso de líneas espantapájaros en arrastreros congeladores SUMMARY Download (pdf, 107 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 20 Rev 1: La Tamini Tabla: desarrollo y diseño final Download (pdf, 783 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 21: Offal discards - albatrosses congregations in offshore waters of southern Peru Download (pdf, 353 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 22: Hook-and-line Southeast Brazilian small-scale fisheries SUMMARY Download (pdf, 99 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 23: IGO's Minimum Standards for EM Systems Download (pdf, 297 KB)
SBWG11 Inf 24 Rev 1: Setting longlines at dawn highlights bycatch risk SUMMARY Download (pdf, 102 KB)

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

About ACAP

ACAP Secretariat

119 Macquarie St
Hobart TAS 7000

Tel: +61 3 6165 6674