Folder MoP5 Meeting Documents

pdf MoP5 Doc 01 Rev 1: Provisional Agenda

Download (pdf, 91 KB)

MoP5_Doc_01_Rev 1 Provisional Agenda_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2.1.   Secretariat, AC Chair, MoP4 Chair, AC.   Includes Supplementary Provisional Agenda.

pdf MoP5 Doc 02: Annotated Provisional Agenda and Supplementary Provisional Agenda

Download (pdf, 203 KB)

MoP5_Doc_02_Annotated Provisional Agenda_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2.1.   Secretariat, MoP5 Vice-chair

pdf MoP5 Doc 03: Provisional Meeting Schedule

Download (pdf, 121 KB)

MoP5_Doc_03_Meeting schedule_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2.1.  Secretariat, MoP5 Vice-chair

pdf MoP5 Doc 04: List of Meeting Documents

Download (pdf, 120 KB)

MoP5_Doc_04 List of Documents_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2.1.   Secretariat

pdf MoP5 Doc 05 Rev 2: List of Meeting Participants

Download (pdf, 140 KB)

MoP5_Doc_05 Rev 2 Meeting Participants_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2. Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 06: Proposed amendment to Rule 4(1) of Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Parties

Download (pdf, 91 KB)

MoP5_Doc_06 Proposed amendment to Rule 4(1) of RoP_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2.2.  Australia

pdf MoP5 Doc 08: Report of the Secretariat

Download (pdf, 444 KB)

MoP5_Doc_08 Secretariat Report_e.pdf

Agenda Item 4.1.   Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 09: Advisory Committee Report to the Fifth Meeting of Parties

Download (pdf, 396 KB)

MoP5_Doc_09 AC report to MoP5_e.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1 & 7.8.    AC Chair, AC Vice-chair, Advisory Committee.

pdf MoP5 Doc 10 Rev 1: Interim Financial Report 2015

Download (pdf, 556 KB)

MoP5_Doc_10 Rev 1_Interim_Financial_Report 2015_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.10.   Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 11: Report on Progress with the Implementation of the Agreement 2013 - 2015

Download (pdf, 655 KB)

MoP5_Doc_11 Implementation Report_e1.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1, 7.2 & 7.8. Advisory Committee, Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 12: Review of Translation Costs

Download (pdf, 91 KB)

MoP5_Doc_12_Review of Translation Costs_e.pdf

Agenda Item 4.1.  Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 13 Rev 1: Memoranda of Understanding with Other Organisations

Download (pdf, 173 KB)

MoP5_Doc_13 Rev 1 MoUs with Other Organisations_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.9.   Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 14: Proposed Amendment to Annex 1 of the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Download (pdf, 1.67 MB)

MoP5_Doc_14 Annex 1 amendment_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.5.    Australia, Chile.

pdf MoP5 Doc 15 Rev 1: Prioritising ACAP Conservation Actions

Download (pdf, 239 KB)

MoP5_Doc_15 Rev 1 Prioritising ACAP Conservation Actions_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.6.  Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 16 Rev 1: Draft Advisory Committee Work Programme 2016 - 2018

Download (pdf, 179 KB)

MoP5_Doc_16_Rev 1 AC 2016-18 Work Programme_e.pdf

Agenda Item 6.2 & 7.8.    Advisory Committee.

pdf MoP5 Doc 17 Rev 1: Draft Secretariat Work Programme 2016 - 2018

Download (pdf, 273 KB)

MoP5_Doc_17_Rev 1 Secretariat Work Programme 2016-2018_e1.pdf

Agenda Item 4.2.   Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 18 Rev 2: Draft Agreement Budget 2016 - 2018

Download (pdf, 501 KB)

MoP5_Doc_18 Rev 2_Draft Agreement Budget 2016-2018_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.11.   Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 19: Scale of Contributions

Download (pdf, 362 KB)

MoP5_Doc_19 Scale of Contributions_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.12.  Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 20 Rev 1: Proposed Indicators to measure the Success of the Agreement

Download (pdf, 148 KB)

MoP5_Doc_20 Rev 1 Indicators_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.7.   Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 21: Criteria for listing and de-listing species on Annex 1 of the Agreement

Download (pdf, 422 KB)

MoP5_Doc_21 Listing criteria_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.4.  Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 22: Amendment to the format of implementation reports

Download (pdf, 140 KB)

MoP5_Doc_22 Implementation report format_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.3.  Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 23: Amendment to Financial Regulations

Download (pdf, 82 KB)

MoP5_Doc_23 Amendment_to_Financial_Regulations_e.pdf

Agenda Item 4.4.  Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 24 Rev 1: Accession of non-Party Range States to the Agreement

Download (pdf, 92 KB)

MoP5_Doc_24 Rev 1 Accession of non-Party Range States_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.14.   Secretariat, AC Chair, AC Vice-chair.

pdf MoP5 Doc 25: Conflicts of interest and bias

Download (pdf, 85 KB)

MoP5_Doc_25 Conflicts of interest_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.15.    Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay.

pdf MoP5 Doc 26 Rev 1: Lethal experimentation

Download (pdf, 101 KB)

MoP5_Doc_26 Rev 1 Lethal Experimentation_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.16.   Australia.

pdf MoP5 Doc 27 Rev 1: Agreement Sponsorship Policy

Download (pdf, 102 KB)

MoP5_Doc_27 Rev 1 Agreement_Sponsorship_Policy_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.17.   Advisory Committee, Secretariat.

pdf MoP5 Doc 28: Indicators to measure the success of the Agreement - performance indicators for capacity building

Download (pdf, 104 KB)

MoP5_Doc_28 Capacity building indicators_e.pdf

Agenda Item 7.7.   Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

pdf MoP5 Doc 29: Report of Intersessional Committee established by Resolution 4.8

Download (pdf, 467 KB)

MoP5_Doc_29 Report on Resolution 4.8_e.pdf

Agenda Item 2.2.  Intersessional Committee.

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

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