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pdf ScM1 Doc 01 Scientific Meeting Agenda REV2

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pdf ScM1 Doc 02 Scientific Meeting Annotated Agenda REV3

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ScM1_Doc 02_scientific meeting annotated agenda REV3.pdf

pdf ScM1 Doc 03 Scientific Meeting Schedule REV3

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pdf ScM1 Doc 04 Scientific Meeting Document List REV3

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pdf ScM1 Doc 05 List Of ScM Participants REV3

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pdf ScM1 Doc 06 Emergency Criteria

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pdf ScM1 Doc 07 Science Meeting Report

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ScM1 Doc 07_Science Meeting Report.pdf

pdf ScM1 Doc 08 Taxonomy

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pdf ScM1 Doc 09 ACAP Species Assessments

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pdf ScM1 Doc 17 Establishment Of Advisory Committee

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pdf ScM1 Inf 01 BirdLife Taxonomy Rev 1

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ScM1_Inf 01_BirdLife taxonomy Rev 1.pdf

pdf ScM1 Inf 02 BirdLife Assessment Of Advisory Committee

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pdf ScM1 Inf 03 ACAP Action Plan Annex 2

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pdf ScM1 Inf 04 Prince Ed Seabirds P1

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pdf ScM1 Inf 04 Prince Ed Seabirds Pt 2

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pdf ScM1 Inf 04 Prince Ed Seabirds Pt 3

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pdf ScM1 Inf 05 BirdLife Global Seabird Programme

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pdf ScM1 Inf 06 BirdLife Global Seabird Programme

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pdf ScM1 Inf 07 Conserving Albatroses And Petrels At Sea South Africa

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ScM1_Inf 07_Conserving albatroses and petrels at sea_South Africa.pdf

pdf ScM1 Inf 08 Status And Conservation Of Albatrosses South Africa

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ScM1_Inf 08_Status and conservation of albatrosses_South Africa.pdf

pdf ScM1 Inf 09 Albatross Status

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pdf ScM1 Inf 10 Statistical Assesment SCAR

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pdf ScM1 Inf 11 Tracking Report BirdLife (Pg 1-30)

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pdf ScM1 Inf 11 Tracking Report BirdLife (Pg 31-60)

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ScM1_Inf 11_Tracking_report_BirdLife (Pg 31-60).pdf

pdf ScM1 Inf 11 Tracking Report BirdLife (Pg 61-117)

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ScM1_Inf 11_Tracking_report_BirdLife (Pg 61-117).pdf

pdf ScM1 Inf 12 Summary Of Population Data SC-CCAMLR XXIII BG 22.doc

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ScM1_Inf 12_Summary of Population Data_SC-CCAMLR XXIII_BG_22.doc.pdf

pdf ScM1 Inf 13 CCAMLR IMAF Extract

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pdf ScM1 Inf 14 Resolution 22 XXIII.doc

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ScM1_Inf 14_Resolution 22_XXIII.doc.pdf

The Agreement on the
Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations.

About ACAP

ACAP Secretariat

119 Macquarie St
Hobart TAS 7000

Tel: +61 3 6165 6674