Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Owen Davey

The 'official' World Albatross Day poster was especially created by illustrator Owen Davey at ACAP's request.  Owen has written in support of 'WAD2020':

“It is immensely important to preserve the diversity of animal life on our planet and minimise the impact we have on it.  Sadly, thousands of albatrosses have suffered as a direct result of humans and our unsustainable and short-sighted use of the planet's resources.  Conservation efforts often have to begin with education, increasing public awareness of key issues facing these creatures.  By informing people on how to make better choices as consumers and voters, we can begin to reduce our negative influence on their natural lifestyles.  I'm so the pleased that my poster design for World Albatross Day 2020 can be used to try to bring about positive change and highlight the need to protect these majestic birds.”

To enquire about obtaining a high-resolution print of the poster contact his website at With thanks to Michelle Risi for initiating the contact with Owen.  Read more here.

Poster Owen Davey FINAL

03 April 2020