Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Newsletters on procellariiform seabirds and bycatch issues

Several newsletters on procellariiform seabirds and on bycatch issues are of relevance to the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels. A list follows, which is kept regularly updated.

Albert Times  Electronic newsletter published near-monthly in New Zealand by Clement & Associates ( to create awareness among fishers of seabird bycatch and mitigation techniques.  First issue February 2006, last issue No. 63 of September 2011.  Editor is the pseudonymous "Admiral Albert Ross". Great cartoons.

The Albatross  Newsletter of the Southern Seabird Study Association Inc. (SOSSA), based in Australia.  First issued as the Newsletter of the New South Wales Albatross Study Group (No. 1 July 1993).  Latest issue: No. 55,  July 2015.  From No. 24 (November 2000) available electronically via SOSSA's web site at  Current Editors: Brook Whylie, Janice Jenkin-Smith and Lindsay Smith at

Atlántico sur Boletín  Bulletin of the Proyecto Albatros y Petreles - Uruguay.  Latest issue No. 9, June 2012.  ISSN 1688-4406.  Editors: Martin Abreu, Andres Domingo, Sebastian Jimenez & Javier Lenzi.  Available for download (including back numbers) at Contact Editors at  In Spanish.

Boletín Pacífíco Sur  Newsletter of the BirdLife Albatross Task Force in Chile.  No. 1 July 2010, No. 3 December 2012.  Editors: Luis Cabezas, Cristian Suazo and Oliver Yates.  In Spanish.

Bycatch Bylines First issue No. 1 of October 2011, latest issue No. 21 of January 2016.

Bycatch Communication Network Newsletter Electronic newsletter. No. 1 issued April 2006. Last issue: No. 11, November/December 2008.  Not restricted to bycatch of birds but included cetaceans and turtles. Editor: Emma Bradshaw.

Egg Rock Update. Electronic newsletter of the Seabird Restoration Program of the National Audubon Society.  Available on-line from 1998.  Latest issue 2012.  Carries updates on restoration/translocation projects, including on procellariiform seabirds.

The Hutton's Shearwater Charitable Trust Newsletter Electronic newsletter.  Latest issue No. 17, February 2016.  ISSN 1179-5646.

The Ocean Guardian Electronic newsletter. First issue, January 2012, latest issue No. 4, June 2012.  Editor: Johanna Pierre at  Renamed Bycatch Bylines with first issue No. 1 of October 2011.

Sea Change Electronic newsletter of BirdLife International's Marine Programme.  No. 1 undated but issued October 2005. Current issue No.11, July 2015.  Contact: Rory Crawford @  See also and

Seabird Conservation Newsletter Newsletter of the IAATO - Save the Albatross Campaign, which is run by The Albatross Project of Birds Australia (  IAATO is the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators ( No. 1 issued July 2006; No. 2, August 2007, No. 3, October 2008; No. 4, October 2009.  Editor: Patricia Silva,

Southern Seabirds Solutions The Southern Seabird Solutions Trust (based in New Zealand) was formed in July 2002 to promote the adoption of fishing practices that avoid mortality of southern hemisphere seabirds. Newsletter No. 1 issued September 2002. Latest issue: No. 16 of  December 2011. Available electronically at

Taiko Chat Newsletter of the Chathams Islands Taiko Trust.  No. 1 issued September 2010.  Covers Magenta Petrel or Taiko Pterodroma magentae and Chatham Island Petrel P. axillaris.  Available electronically at

Tītī Times Newsletter of the Kia Mau te Tītī Mo Ake Tōnu Atu (Keep the Titi Forever) research project, based in New Zealand. Concentrates on the Sooty Shearwater (Titi) Puffinus griseus. No. 1 issued January 1995. Final issue: No. 22, August 2010.  Back issues are free on request. Editors (No. 20): Jamie Newman, Henrik Moller ( and Ben Knight.

Last updated 12 March 2016