Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Gracias! Merci! Thanks! Interpreting and Translation Studies students help out in the ACAP Secretariat

Four Monash University Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies students completed a one-week internship in the ACAP Secretariat offices in Hobart earlier this year.

ACAP’s three official working languages are English, French and Spanish, and the internship was an opportunity for the students to learn about the work of in-house translators.  Reflecting on their experience, this is what one of them said (click here):

“Not only had I the chance to experience what it is like to work as a professional translator for an international organisation, but I also learned a lot about a fascinating field I was totally unfamiliar with.”

“As a translator, working in-house as a member of a team and applying the know-how acquired in the masters programme is a real-life test for assessing the progress made towards becoming a translator.  This experience has allowed me to get a glimpse of the work for an international organization focused on the conservation of seabirds and of the challenges of using technical vocabulary involving fisheries work; conservation methods; international recommendations for conservation; statistical data analysis, etc.”

“The practicum allowed us to apply the theories which we had learned in class as part of our strategy in translating documents, develop scientific and political vocabulary and knowledge, familiarize ourselves with the work of ACAP among that of other organisations, and furthermore deepen our understanding of the profession and of Translation as a field of study.”

“From a translation perspective the experience gave me an appreciation for the linguistic complexities of international treaty texts. From a broader perspective, it showed me the work being done across continents, governments and a range of international organisations to help protect bird life.”

Translator group s 

Monash University MITS students Nutjaree Chamaplin, Suzie Guyétand, Ben Pryor and Axel Ramirez, with Warren Papworth and Wieslawa Misiak from ACAP in the Hobart Secretariat

The Translation and Interpreting Studies section and the students have expressed their thanks to ACAP, and in particular to its Executive Secretary Warren Papworth and its Science Officer Wiesława Misiak, for such an opportunity.  In response the ACAP Executive Secretary expressed his thanks on behalf of ACAP to the students for what they had achieved during their internship.

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 05 May 2013

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