Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Couldn't make it to this year's Seabird Group Conference? Don't worry, you can catch up online


Plenary Speakers from the 15th International Seabird Group Conference (clockwise from top left), Prof Emily Shepard, Dr Alex Bond and Dr Annette Fayet

Sessions from the 15th International Seabird Group Conference are now available to watch online at The Seabird Group’s YouTube channel. The conference took place 22nd - 25th August at University College Cork, in Ireland, and featured a slew of presentations under a wide range of session themes including; Monitoring, Pollution and Toxicology, Urbanisation, Invasives and Restoration, and more. 

Dr Francis Daunt opened the conference with the Welcome Address, Insights into seabird population ecology from 50 years of research on the Isle of May. Plenary speakers included, Prof Emily Shepard from Swansea University with, From take-off to touch down: How and when do strong winds become risky for seabirds?, Dr Alex Bond from the UK’s Natural History Museum with, From individuals to communities who spoke on plastic pollution, queerness, and compassion in seabird science, and Dr Annette Fayet from the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research with, Drivers of seabird movements and their fitness consequences.

The Seabird Group is a registered charity whose goal is to promote and help coordinate the study and conservation of seabirds. The group organises regular international conferences, has a small grants program and publishes the annual colour journal Seabird. The Group actively encourages its members to get involved in surveys of seabirds and other research work.

Sessions from the conference programme can be viewed here

26 September 2022