Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

“Winter by the Sea – Australia’s Sub Antarctic Wildlife” – a lecture by Melanie Wells


Light-mantled flyby - Melanie Wells in her natural habitat on Macquarie Island

“Join seabird researcher Melanie Wells as she describes the extraordinary marine life that make their homes on Australia’s sub-Antarctic Islands.  The presentation features seabirds including albatross, petrels, and about a million penguins, and of course seals that haul up on the beaches, and is largely focused on Macquarie Island, managed by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife where Mel has worked as a Wildlife Ranger.”

Presented live on 28 July as part of Coastcare Victoria and Parks Victoria’s “Winter by the Sea” series of online talks.

With thanks to Mark Rodrigue, State-wide Leader - Marine and Coasts, Environment and Science Division, Parks Victoria & Melanie Wells, albicake baker extraordinaire.

Melanie Wells Light mantled Albatross 1

Baking up a storm: A Light-mantled Albatross cake by Meanie Wells waits for its legs - before coming  fifth by people's choice in the Great Albicake Bake Off

John Cooper, ACAP Information Officer, 11 August 2020