Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Dossier SBWG8 Meeting Documents

pdf SBWG8 Doc 01: Draft Agenda

Télécharger (pdf, 144 KB)

SBWG8_Doc 01 Draft Agenda.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  SBWG Convenors.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 02 Rev 2: Draft Annotated Agenda

Télécharger (pdf, 290 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_02 Rev 2 Draft Annotated Agenda.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  SBWG Convenor and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 03: Draft Meeting Schedule

Télécharger (pdf, 95 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_03 Draft Meeting Schedule.pdf

Agenda Item 1.  SBWG Convenor and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 04 Rev 3: List of Meeting Documents

Télécharger (pdf, 224 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_04 Rev 3 List of documents.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  SBWG Convenors.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 05: ACAP seabird bycatch performance indicators and reporting framework

Télécharger (pdf, 2.02 MB)

SBWG8_Doc_05 Bycatch indicators and data_DEBSKI et al_E_s_f1.pdf

Agenda Item 14.1.  Igor Debski et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 06: Revisions to the presentation of ACAP review and best practice advice

Télécharger (pdf, 746 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_06 Revised format of advice_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 4.  Anton Wolfaardt.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 07: Assessment of the risk of southern hemisphere surface longline fisheries to ACAP species

Télécharger (pdf, 1.51 MB)

SBWG8_Doc_07 Risk Assessment SLL fisheries_ABRAHAM et al _E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 17.  Edward Abraham et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 08: Bycatch Mitigation Factsheets - New Designs and Updates

Télécharger (pdf, 6.32 MB)

SBWG8_Doc_08 Mitigation Factsheet Update CRAWFORD & WOLFAARDT_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 23.2.  Rory Crawford and Anton Wolfaardt.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 09: Seabird Bycatch Identification Guide – next steps

Télécharger (pdf, 282 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_09 Bycatch ID Guide_MISIAK et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 23.1.  W. Misiak et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 10: Seabird entanglement in side-haul trawlers: education as a mitigation strategy. SUMMARY ONLY.

Télécharger (pdf, 182 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_10 Side trawlers_Argentina_TAMINI et al_ABSTRACT_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1.  Tamini, al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 11: Seguimiento de la implementación del PAN-Aves de la República Argentina

Télécharger (pdf, 288 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_11 Seguimiento del PAN-Aves ARGENTINA_S_e_f.pdf

Agenda Item 19.1.  Argentina.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 12: Bird-scaring line designs for small longline vessels

Télécharger (pdf, 1.34 MB)

SBWG8_Doc_12 Bird-scaring lines small vessels GOAD & DEBSKI_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Items 7.1 & 8.1.  Dave Goad & Igor Debski.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 13: Review of ACAP RFMO Engagement Strategy

Télécharger (pdf, 348 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_13 RFMO engagement WOLFAARDT et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 15.  Anton Wolfaardt et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 14: Drivers and barriers in the uptake of seabird bycatch mitigation measures and related conservation actions

Télécharger (pdf, 285 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_14 Drivers and Barriers_WOLFAARDT et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.  Anton Wolfaardt et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 15: Elevating the status of branch line weighting in ACAP’s best practice advice

Télécharger (pdf, 258 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_15 Elevating status of branch line weighting_BROTHERS & BARRINGTON_E.pdf

Agenda Item 8.1.  Nigel Brothers, Jonathon HS Barrington.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 16: ‘Toolbox’ template for mitigation advice in artisanal and small-scale fisheries

Télécharger (pdf, 401 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_16 Mitigation toolbox template_MANGEL et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 11.1.  Jeffrey C. Mangel et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 17: Global patterns of sex- and age-specific variation in seabird bycatch. SUMMARY ONLY.

Télécharger (pdf, 184 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_17 Sex and age-biased bycatch_GIANUCA et al_ABSTRACT_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 17.1.  Gianuca, D et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 18: Incidental catch, seabird mortality and discard in trawling fishing in the extreme south of Chile. SUMMARY ONLY.

Télécharger (pdf, 176 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_18 Trawling in extreme south of Chile_ADASME et al_ABSTRACT_E.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1.  Luis Adasme et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 19 Rev 1: Recommended seabird bycatch research priorities for tuna fisheries operating on the high seas

Télécharger (pdf, 345 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_19 Rev 1 Research priorities high seas_ROBERTSON_E.pdf

Agenda Item 8.3 and 13.  Graham Robertson.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 21: Assessment of the “Modified Purse Seine (MPS)” against ACAP best practice criteria. SUMMARY ONLY.

Télécharger (pdf, 236 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_21 MPS best practice criteria_SUAZO et al_ABSTRACT_E.pdf

Agenda Item 10.1.  Cristián G. Suazo et al.

pdf SBWG8 Doc 22: Opportunities in ports to improve data in order to review the effectiveness of seabird measures

Télécharger (pdf, 308 KB)

SBWG8_Doc_22 Port Based Inspections_MULLIGAN & SMALL_E.pdf

Agenda Item 15.  Berry Mulligan and Cleo Small.

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