Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Dossier Pterodroma and other small burrowing petrels Workshop


pdf ACAP Pterodroma workshop agenda

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ACAP Pterodroma workshop agenda (1).pdf

pdf Distribution and status of gadfly petrel (genus Pterodroma) breeding colonies in New Zealand. Rev 1.

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Distribution and status of gadfly petrel breeding in NZ_Rev 1.pdf

Miskelly, C.; Gilad, D.; Taylor, G.; Tennyson, A.; Waugh, S.; Wilson, K.-J.

pdf Status, trends and conservation management needs of the Pterodroma and Pseudobulweria petrels. SUMMARY ONLY. Rev 1.

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ACAP Status, trends & conservation of Pterodroma & Pseudobulweria SUMMARY Rev 1.pdf

Ben Lascelles, Rocio Moreno, Maria P. Dias, Cleo Small (BirdLife International)