Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Carpeta SBWG9 Meeting Documents

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pdf SBWG9 Doc 01 Rev 1: Draft Agenda

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SBWG9_Doc_01 Rev 1 Draft Agenda.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  SBWG Convenors and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 02: Annotated Draft Agenda

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SBWG9_Doc_02 Annotated Agenda.pdf

Agenda Item 3.  SBWG Convenors and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 03: Meeting Schedule

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SBWG9_Doc_03 Meeting Schedule.pdf

Agenda Item 1.  SBWG Convenors and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 04 Rev 4: List of Documents

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SBWG9_Doc_04 Rev 4 List of Documents.pdf

Agenda Item 3.   SBWG Convenors and Vice-convenors.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 05 Rev 1: ACAP seabird bycatch performance indicators and reporting framework

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SBWG9_Doc_05 Rev 1 Bycatch data and indicators_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.1.  Sebastián Jiménez et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 06: Data collection guidelines for observer programmes

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SBWG9_Doc_06_Data collection guidelines observer programmes_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 13.1.  Anton Wolfaardt & Igor Debski.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 07 Rev 1: Review of ACAP RFMO Engagement Strategy

Descargar (pdf, 529 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_07 Rev 1 ACAP RFMO strategy_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 14.1.  Anton Wolfaardt et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 08: Update to ACAP trawl mitigation Review and Best Practice Advice

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SBWG9_Doc_08 Update to trawl mitigation advice_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 5.1. Amanda Kuepfer & Igor Debski.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 09: ACAP Review and Best Practice Advice for Reducing the Impact of Demersal Longline Fisheries

Descargar (pdf, 760 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_09 Update to demersal LL mitigation advice_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 6.1.  Anton Wolfaardt.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 10 Rev 1: Drivers and Barriers

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SBWG9_Doc_10 Rev 1 Drivers and Barriers E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 12.  SBWG intersessional group.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 11: Lessons from seabird conservation in Alaskan longline fisheries: A case study

Descargar (pdf, 834 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_11 Alaskan LL case study_MELVIN et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 12.   Edward F. Melvin et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 12: ACAP actions to contribute to Marine Stewardship Council assessment and management of seabird bycatch

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SBWG9_Doc_12 MSC assessment_GILMAN & MELVIN_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 12.  Eric Gilman & Ed Melvin.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 13: The role of small-scale fisher’s experiences on non-target taxa conservation in Chile SUMMARY

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SBWG9_Doc_13 Fishers perception non-target taxa_SUAZO et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 12.  Cristián G. Suazo et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 14: Chile-Argentina: An at-sea classroom for mitigation in trawl fisheries SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 154 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_14 Trawl in Southern Cone_SUAZO et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 12.  Cristián G. Suazo et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 15: The relative safety of weighted branchlines during simulated fly-backs SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 153 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_15 Safety of fly-backs RAWLINSON et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1.  Nick Rawlinson et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 16 Rev 1: Safety when hauling branch lines during pelagic longline fishing

Descargar (pdf, 519 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_16 Rev 1 Safety hauling PLL fishing JOHNSTON et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1.  James T Johnston et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 17 Rev 1: Status of branch line weighting within RFMOs as a mitigation measure in pelagic longline fisheries

Descargar (pdf, 466 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_17 Rev 1 Branch line weighting RFMOs_BROTHERS & ROBERSTON_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1.  Nigel Brothers & Graham Robertson.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 18: A new method using AIS data to obtain independent compliance data SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 227 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_18 AIS data night setting compliance PRINCE et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 7.1 & 12.  Stephanie Prince et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 19: Improving estimates of cryptic mortality for use in seabird risk assessment SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 198 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_19 Cryptic mortality in pelagic LL_BAKER et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 16.1. G. Barry Baker et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 20: Live-capture rates of albatrosses and petrels in fisheries, and subsequent survival SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 204 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_20 Live-capture_seabirds_PHILLIPS_WOOD_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 16.  R.A. Phillips, A.G. Wood.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 21: ‘Toolbox’ template for mitigation advice in artisanal and small-scale fisheries

Descargar (pdf, 411 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_21 SSF mitigation toolbox_MANGEL et al_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 10.1.  Jeffrey C. Mangel et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 22: Developing best practice for assessing and managing impacts of fisheries bycatch on seabirds SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 198 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_22 NPOA_Review GOOD et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 18.1.  S.D. Good et al. 

pdf SBWG9 Doc 23: Bycatch Mitigation Factsheets - New Designs and Updates

Descargar (pdf, 4.27 MB)

SBWG9_Doc_23 Bycatch Mitigation Factsheets_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 22.2.  Nina da Rocha & Anton Wolfaardt.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 24: Guide to removing seabirds from nets

Descargar (pdf, 1.95 MB)

SBWG9_Doc_24 Guide to removing seabirds from nets_E_s_f.pdf

Agenda Item 22.1.  Jonathon HS Barrington, Sowdamini S Prasad.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 25: Seabird interactions and by‐catch in anchovy pelagic trawl in northern Argentina SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 303 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_25 Pelagic trawl Argentina PAZ et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 5.3 & 16.1.  J A Paz et al.

pdf SBWG9 Doc 26: Best practice advice for mitigating seabird bycatch in purse-seine fisheries SUMMARY

Descargar (pdf, 143 KB)

SBWG9_Doc_26 Mitigation advice purse seine fisheries_SUAZO et al_E_s_f_ABSTRACT.pdf

Agenda Item 9.1.  Cristián G. Suazo et al.