Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

PaCSWG2 Information Papers

pdf PaCSWG2 Inf 01 Rev 1: Programa nacional para la Conservación del Petrel gigante del Sur: recomendaciones de bioseguridad y buenas prácticas

Descargar (pdf, 385 KB)

PaCSWG2_Inf_01 Rev 1 Bioseguridad y buenas prácticas_S_e_f.pdf

Agenda Item 9.1.  Author:  M. Uhart and F. Quintana (Argentina).  Rev 1 published 8 September.

pdf PaCSWG2 Inf 02: Programa Nacional para la Conservación del Petrel Gigante del Sur o Petrel Gigante Común (Macronectes giganteus)

Descargar (pdf, 86 KB)


Agenda Item 12.1.  Author: Argentina.


pdf PaCSWG2 Inf 03 Rev 1: Wintering habitats of the Southern Giant Petrel from Patagonia, Argentina

Descargar (pdf, 398 KB)


Agenda Item 12.1.  Author: G. Blanco and F. Quintana (Argentina).  Rev 1 published 8 September.

pdf PaCSWG2 Inf 04: Population estimates and trends of Campbell and grey-headed albatrosses at Campbell Island

Descargar (pdf, 73 KB)


Agenda Item 7.1.  Author: Paul Sagar (New Zealand).

pdf PaCSWG2 Inf 05: Population estimates, trends and spatial distribution of Salvin’s albatross at the Bounty Islands

Descargar (pdf, 204 KB)


Agenda Item 7.1 and 7.2.  Author: New Zealand.

pdf PaCSWG2 Inf 06: A high-resolution robotic camera system for monitoring colony-wide seabird nesting behaviour. SUMMARY ONLY

Descargar (pdf, 143 KB)


Agenda Item 7.  Author:  Rachael Alderman et al. (Australia).  A password is required to view the full text document.