Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

Species Summaries

The illustrated Species Summaries that follow have been written to help inform the general public, including school learners, of the biology and conservation needs of the 31 ACAP-listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters. They serve to complement the more detailed and referenced ACAP Species Assessments.

The 22 albatross summaries were originally produced to inform members of Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature (ABUN) who produced artworks to support World Albatross Day 2020. Summaries for the nine ACAP-listed petrels and shearwaters will also be illustrated by ABUN paintings for a project entitled “Painting Petrels in Peril”.

The Species Summaries are available in all three ACAP official languages, English, French and Spanish.