Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

ACAP Monthly Missives


ACAP Monthly Missives are more personal than the articles that are regularly posted to ACAP Latest News.  The new series offers the opportunity to go behind and beyond factual events and current news, giving opinions on matters related to the conservation of all the members of the tubenose group of birds in the order Procellariiformes and their habitats. Access the missives by clicking on their titles below.

Posts will be largely written by John Cooper, ACAP's Emeritus Information Officer, with guests from time to time invited to make their own contributions.

The opinions expressed in ACAP Monthly Missives are not to be taken as those of the ACAP Secretariat or any of the Agreement’s Parties.

Chronological List

07-03-23  Peter Harrison’s new seabird guide: a review and a reminiscence

07-02-23  Should more albatross and petrel breeding localities become World Heritage Sites?

03-01-23  A personal journey eradicating introduced rodents on islands by helicopter pilot Peter Garden

06-12-22  From Dassen to Marion, a 50-year journey studying island pests

01-11-22  Should more shearwaters be listed by the Agreement?

04-10-22  A royal conne with albatrosses. A reflection at the end of the Second Elizabethan Age

Updated 07 February 2023