Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

  • December 2001 Newsletter

    Advisory Officer The New Zealand Department of Conservation has appointed a Seabird/Fisheries Advisory Officer, Dave Kellian, to work with the New Zealand tuna fleet. Dave has worked as a tuna fisherman for many years and so is very familiar with...
  • Developing the Kellian line-setter to save seabirds in bottom longline fisheries

    setting and restrictions on offal discharge during setting and hauling, but bycatch continues to remain a concern. The Kellian line-setter is an underwater setting device developed by Dave Kellian, a fisher from Leigh, New Zealand. It is a towed device,...
  • SBWG5 Doc 10: Development of the Kellian Line Setter for Inshore Bottom Longline Fisheries to reduce availability of hooks to seabirds. Preliminary report

    Agenda Item 3. Author: G. Barry Baker & Rowan Frost (New Zealand). (with Spanish and French summary)
  • New Zealand’s Department of Conservation considers reports on albatross and petrel conservation efforts

    Sagar Reports and presentations were also given on the Flesh-footed Shearwater Puffinus creatopus, on sea trials of the Kellian Line Setter and on characterising bottom longline operations in relation to risk factors for seabird capture. Click here to...
  • SBWG6 Inf 02: Kellian Line Setter Sea Trials Initial Performance Testing

    Agenda Item 5. Author: New Zealand.
  • SBWG6 Inf 03: Seabird Mitigation for Recreational Fishers

    Agenda Item 8. Author: Karen Baird, Dave Kellian.
  • Reducing seabird bycatch in bottom longline fisheries: more on the Kellian Line Setter

    Back in 2012 ACAP Latest News reported on the Kellian Line Setter, an underwater setting device initially developed by New Zealander Dave Kellian to mitigate seabird bycatch in demersal (bottom) longline fisheries ( click here ). Sea trials on board a...
  • New Zealand funds trialling of the Kellian Line Setter to save albatrosses from the hook

    ACAP Latest News has previously reported on development of the Kellian Line Setter, which is designed to deliver baited longline hooks underwater at a depth safe from albatrosses scavenging on or near the sea surface and shallow-diving petrels ( click...

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